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Water Filters

Water Filters

Water Filters

Our range of quality water filters can supply you with the healthy, energised water your body craves. Cook, wash in and drink healthy water on a daily basis.
In our view, good healthy water has a number of important characteristics. Not only should it be alkaline, properly structured and have antioxidant properties, but it should – as far as practically possible – be free of contaminants. We believe it is vital to have water with good ‘life’ energy.

We offer a specially designed undersink system to help meet these criteria. Now you can obtain healthy, hydrogen-rich water straight from your tap for all your hot and cold drinks, for cooking and for washing fruit and vegetables.

You can find details on the Energy Plus Water Filter system below. It combines different types of unique filter media with bioceramic minerals. The Energy Plus was tested by the University of Edinburgh, who confirmed its effectiveness in removing contaminants, increasing mineral levels and elevating water pH.

“Peak performance and optimal health depend on the body’s ability to maintain a slightly alkaline state in virtually all of our cells and tissues. Drinking four to six glasses a day of alkaline water will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore buffering ability.”

 - Dr Susan Lark, author of The Chemistry of Success -


Not only is it important to drink clean, healthy alkaline water, but the water you shower in should also be healthy. After all, contaminants can readily pass through the skin into the body.

With this in mind, we supply an easy-to-use dechlorinating shower head from our Korean partners Biocera. Although its primary function is to remove chlorine, its special bioceramic media also help to energise the water.

To learn more about our portable and undersink water filtration systems, or to investigate our purifying shower filters, select one of the products from the list below.