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Flax Seed

Smoothies - Finally a Shortcut to Getting Healthy!

Only 25 percent of the British population meets the daily recommended intake of five or more one-half cup servings of... Read More

Christian Meier - King of the Mountain. Lover of Omega Nutrition MCT Oil!

Christian’s wife Amber has just sent us this report: “Christian is loving the chia seeds and flax seed oil, using... Read More

Budwig – Flax seed Oil and Quark or Cottage Cheese

Prominent researcher Dr Joanna Budwig who was a world expert in the metabolism of fats and oils wrote a number... Read More

What is the Importance of Dietary Fibre?

Most people are aware of the important part that proteins, vitamins and alkaline minerals play in the maintenance of our... Read More

The Benefits of Plant Lignans

Plant lignans are getting a lot of positive press at the moment, particularly among alternative health publications, but not many... Read More