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Can Red Marine Algae Really Help Boost Your Immune System?

Red marine algae have been studied over many years and have frequently been found to positively modulate the immune system... Read More

Staying in Shape Slashes Cancer Risk

Among the many good reasons to maintain a healthy body weight, we can add another: a decreased risk of cancer... Read More

Oesophageal Cancer, Cholesterol, Athlete's Foot, and Diarrhoea: What Researchers Say About Natural Interventions

While natural interventions used to be primarily an Eastern science, Western scientists who publish in peer reviewed journals are becoming... Read More

Sorry, Did You Just Say There Are Hormones in My Tap Water?

Scientists have known for decades that there are substances in our tap water that are not natural components of water... Read More

Small Doses of Hormones in Our Drinking Water Could Have a Massive Negative Impact on Our Health

Many of us have heard whispers that there are hormones in our drinking water. In 2002 the BBC, the Independent... Read More

Is Your Bottled Water Harming Your Health and Fertility?

It is estimated that us Brits spend about £1.5 billion on bottled water every year. When first produced, bottled water... Read More

What Living Alkaline Means to Cancer Survivor Kris Carr

She has written multiple books, made an award winning film, and survived an incurable stage four cancer with which she... Read More

Why Souping Instead of Juicing is Taking the World By Storm

Looking to detox or just eat healthier in general and tired of juicing? Try souping. Soups are more generously offered... Read More

Do You Have Any of These Health Complaints That Started With a Disturbed Microbiome?

Although you can’t see it, your microbiome is integral to human physiology, health, and disease (Pray 2013). It is arguably... Read More

The Dirty & The Ugly Science on Cow's Milk - Are You Sure That Glass of Milk is Doing You Good?

Cow’s milk is a good source of many nutrients. However, it may not be suitable for humans. In fact, cow’s... Read More

Still Struggling to Quit Smoking? Try These Natural Ways to Kick the Habit for Good

Smoking injures almost all organs in the body, which can easily result in death. Light and intermittent smokers carry nearly... Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting Your Homocysteine Levels Checked

Autoimmune diseases are tricky. They have no cure and doctors are not sure what causes them. They may be dormant... Read More

Can Vitamin D Help to Prevent Atherosclerosis?

A study out in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has shown that low intake levels of... Read More

Is Your Depression and Weight Gain Caused by Chemical Overload?

Diet and exercise alone are no longer enough to keep you healthy and slim. Certain chemicals found in food may... Read More

Autoimmune Diseases Can’t Be Reversed and 7 Other Things Conventional Medicine Falsely States

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease can seem like a life sentence. No one wants to hear that their body... Read More