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Diabetic Diet Sheet: What to Eat to Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes is often called a modern disease, and at least in respect of type 2 diabetes, the term has some... Read More

Do You Have Any of These Health Complaints That Started With a Disturbed Microbiome?

Although you can’t see it, your microbiome is integral to human physiology, health, and disease (Pray 2013). It is arguably... Read More

Do You Have One of These Serious Health Conditions That Could Be Improved by Balancing Your Microbiome?

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Jordan's Story

The following is the interesting story of a young person who decided to take personal responsibility for his health. It is... Read More

What is the Importance of Dietary Fibre?

Most people are aware of the important part that proteins, vitamins and alkaline minerals play in the maintenance of our... Read More

The Health Benefits of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

Natural coconut oil has been used as both cooking oil and medicine by South Pacific islanders for centuries. Known to... Read More

Shocking Science-Backed Benefits of Turmeric Powder

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Books on Alkaline Water and pH Balance

Having spent many hours reading on the subject ourselves we would like to share with you a few books which... Read More

Can a Type 2 Diabetes Meal Plan Reverse the Disease?

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic ailment characterised by high blood glucose in the background of insulin resistance and comparative... Read More