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Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water

Why Reverse Osmosis Water is Pure Dead Water

If the Strathspey water dispute illustrates anything, it’s that water filters very much have their place. Those new to the industry... Read More

Staying in Shape Slashes Cancer Risk

Among the many good reasons to maintain a healthy body weight, we can add another: a decreased risk of cancer... Read More

#One Small Healthy Change Part 3: Simple Exercises for Better Health

Our goal this month has been giving you small healthy changes each week that can make huge benefits to health... Read More

12 Health Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen-Rich Water

Most of us know that British tap water contains some heavy metals (primarily from the soil and rusty water pipes... Read More

Oesophageal Cancer, Cholesterol, Athlete's Foot, and Diarrhoea: What Researchers Say About Natural Interventions

While natural interventions used to be primarily an Eastern science, Western scientists who publish in peer reviewed journals are becoming... Read More

Children Found to Have Improved Memory and Attention When Hydrated

All parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and hopefully intelligent enough to be able to attend university if... Read More

Become Happier by Getting Properly Hydrated

The human body is designed so that around 70 per cent of it should consist of water. This is why... Read More

The University of Edinburgh Tested Our Energy Plus Water Filter: The Incredible Results

The Energy Plus Water Filter actually has four filters: the first two remove pollutants through a number of filtration processes... Read More

Tasks Your Brain Performs Poorly When Dehydrated

Medical experts recommend that we drink eight glasses of water a day. That may sound like a lot of water... Read More

Is Your Bottled Water Harming Your Health and Fertility?

It is estimated that us Brits spend about £1.5 billion on bottled water every year. When first produced, bottled water... Read More

Why Experts Who Doubt the Alkaline Diet are Wrong

The media has been quite scathing of the benefits of the alkaline diet, quoting several medical experts who question its... Read More

Why Water is an Essential Ingredient in an Effective Long-Term Weight Loss Plan

Water diets are currently fashionable, but like many diets, they are too low in calories to be healthy. Even worse... Read More

Looking to Do Better in Exams? Why You Shouldn't Forget the Water!

Researchers at University of East London and University of Westminster recently discovered that students who took water into the exams... Read More

Enhance Your Water Intake by Making it Alkaline

In chemistry, pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. A substance with a pH of... Read More

3 Easy Steps to Transitioning Gently to a More Alkaline Lifestyle

Making the switch to a more alkalizing lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. Like anything, it can be done step... Read More