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Alkaline Minerals

Alkaline Water in the Prevention and Treatment of Candida

Although often associated with high-sugar diets, increased stress levels or poor immune function, recent research published by a number of... Read More

5 Vitally Important Alkaline Minerals

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Should You Be Supplementing Your Diet With Organic Apple Cider Vinegar?

Vinegar has a bad reputation; it’s been associated with greasy chips and oily fast food for years, and the fact... Read More

Bill Clinton Adopts an Alkaline Diet

In the wake of a recent stent operation, Bill Clinton has joined thousands of health-conscious people in adopting an alkaline... Read More

Is Healthy Water Really the Key to Better Health?

Unlocking your body's full potential can be a challenge. Everywhere we go, our bodies are bombarded by harmful pollutants, besieged... Read More

Is Installing a Home Reverse Osmosis System a Good Idea?

Over the last decade home reverse osmosis filtration systems have become very popular for domestic drinking water. These filter systems... Read More