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Energy Plus Water Filter

A great choice if you're looking for high levels of water purification (including removal of fluoride) combined with the benefits of alkaline ionized water. The Energy Plus is a unique approach to enhancing the quality of drinking water. It combines high levels of contaminant removal with the benefits of advanced bioceramic minerals to give you filtered alkaline water with antioxidant properties.

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Filtered Alkaline Antioxidant Water On Tap

The Energy Plus Water Filter system is a unique approach to changing the characteristics of the water you drink. Combining high levels of contaminant removal with the benefits of natural bioceramic minerals, it gives you water that is filtered, alkaline and hydrogen-rich.

At Water for Health, we have long understood that the removal of harmful contaminants is just one characteristic of good healthy water. Like others, we strongly believe that the water we drink should be alkaline, have antioxidant properties, be properly structured and have good energy.

Many filter systems – though effective at removing contaminants – can leave the water slightly acidic or stripped of quality minerals, which we do not consider to be good water for our health.

Energy Plus Tap Water Filter Features

Energy Plus Tap Water Filter Contaminant Removal Details

The Energy Plus was developed with several requirements for healthy water in mind:

• Comprehensive four-stage filter system

• Removes contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria, estradiol and chlorophenol using high-grade filter media

• Filters both chlorine and fluoride

• Filters chloramine

• Uses natural bioceramic minerals (rather than electricity) to energise and alkalise water, changing its ORP and improving structure

• Stimulates the release of active molecular hydrogen

• Improves mineral content of filtered water (calcium, magnesium and potassium)

• Gives clean-tasting, smooth-drinking water

• Easy DIY installation

• Long-lasting cartridges (replace annually)

The Energy Plus represents a comprehensive system to alter the water you drink, whether in the home or office kitchen. While it's true that there are many water filter systems on the market, precious few combine purification and alkalisation, much less stimulate the release of coveted molecular hydrogen.

By adding alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium back into the filtered water, the Energy Plus ensures that the water is not 'lifeless', of the type produced by typical reverse osmosis systems.

Third-Party Tested, Easy to Install

In 2015, the University of Edinburgh tested the Energy Plus Water Filter and found it to be highly efficient at eliminating several major contaminants.

 "We tested the Energy Plus Filter on behalf of Water for Health for its typical operational life and found that it delivered high levels of removal of the contaminants we tested which included fluoride, heavy metals and organic contaminants. The organic contaminants we tested were a hormone, bisphenol-A or BPA (a plasticiser and known endocrine disrupter) and chlorophenol (a pesticide). All three organic contaminants were reduced to below the limits of detection. In addition to the removal of pollutants in the water, the Energy Plus Filter increased the pH of the water and increased the levels of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium."

Dr. Andrea Semiao, Dept of Engineering - Edinburgh University

You no longer require an expensive electronic ioniser to obtain alkaline antioxidant water; nor do you need a hydrogen water machine that costs thousands. Choose the Energy Plus and enjoy filtered, hydrogen-rich alkaline water straight from the tap.

Supplied With or Without a Tap

The Energy Plus can be supplied with a tap (see Further Information for an image) or without a tap if you would like to use your own separate filter tap or a 3-way tap.

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Further Information

The Energy Plus Tap

The Energy Plus Water Filter can be supplied with a tap or without a tap so you can use your own separate filter tap or a 3-way tap.

The Energy Plus has four cartridges, each of which plays a unique part in filtering and enriching your drinking water. They are:

1. A special ultra filtration membrane cartridge. This cartridge filters down to 0.1 micron and removes silt, rust, colloids, proteins, bacteria, viruses, pathogenic protozoa and cysts from the water. It is a physical barrier that does not use any chemicals.

2. The 2nd block filter absorbs a variety of organic and inorganic substances, chlorine and the more difficult to remove chloramine. Its dense pore structure and vast surface area is perfectly suited to improving taste and odour, colour, chemicals and fluoride.

Filter two is a proprietary matrix comprising at least two types of activated carbon, combined with proprietary Zeolite minerals, structurally bound with polymers into a highly porous block filter form.

Performance Data of Filter 2

• 1 Micron Nominal

• Chloramine reduction >99%

• Lead reduction >99%

• Chlorine reduction >99%

• Fluoride reduction 90%

• VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds >98%

• Metals – Aluminium, Iron, Mercury, Nickel & Zinc >98%

• MTBE reduction >97%

• Glyphosate reduction >99.9%

• Pharmaceutical compounds reduction >95%

• Nitrates reduction >92%

• Herbicides reduction >99%

3. The 3rd filter cartridge is composed of a combination of three different types of bioceramic natural mineral ball. These advanced bioceramics alkalise the water, change its Oxidation Reduction Potential, lend it antioxidant properties and improve the water structure. They also have an antibacterial effect, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the filter cartridge. Before the water enters this 3rd cartridge, it will have a slightly acidic pH (as do many water filter systems). The pH is typically raised to a pH level of 8.5 to 9.5, the ideal range for everyday drinking water. 

4. The final-stage filter uses a combination of bioceramics to improve the structure of the water. These bioceramic minerals emit very low levels of subtle far infrared energy and help to improve water structure and absorbability. Suitable structured water with a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential supplies the body with beneficial negative ions. The water is finally polished by going through an additional stage with granulated activated carbon to remove any unpleasant taste or odour.

The exhaustive 4-stage process not only creates water that has undergone high levels of filtration, but also has good energy through the effect of the bioceramic media. The bioceramics also stimulate the release of active hydrogen.

How Often Do I Need to Change the Filters in the Energy Plus Water Filter?

The filters used in your Energy Plus Water Filter need to be replaced every year to ensure that they are functioning at peak efficiency, and to make sure the beneficial properties of the minerals do not wear out. 

How Easy is it to Fit the Energy Plus Water Filter?

Fitting the Energy Plus Water Filter is a relatively simple job. Aside from cutting a hole in the rim of your sink or countertop for the tap, all you need to do is connect the existing feed pipe of your cold water tap, and then connect the pipework supplied from the filter to the drinking water tap, as per the diagram below:

Energy Plus Water Filter

Should you require more detailed instructions, simply click the 'Installation' tab above.

The Energy Plus Water Filter measures 40 x 40 x 15 cm. It fits easily under the sink without taking up too much space. No electrical connection is necessary. It comes complete with one of the drinking water taps shown. 

Order Online or Over the Phone – Whichever Suits You Best

You can order your Energy Plus Water Filter using the button below, or by calling us on 01764 662111. We'll also be more than happy to help should you require any further information in respect to fitting or installation.


Once the Energy Plus Water Filter System has been fitted underneath your sink (as per the instructions on the 'Installation' tab), its special water tap can be used in lieu of your normal tap when pouring water for: 

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning of Fruit and Vegetables
  • Drinking (both hot and cold drinks)

In order to ensure the Energy Plus can properly alkalise, filter and enrich your water, you must take care to replace the filters on an annual basis by following these instructions:

Replacing the Filters in Your Energy Plus

The Energy Plus Water Filter has four cartridges. Cartridges require changing on an annual basis. To replace cartridges:

  1. Turn off water supplying the system and open tap valve to release pressure.
  2. Locate Cartridge 1. Use provided sump wrench to unscrew the housing/sump to remove sump from system. Have a cloth handy for any residual water left in the housing.
  3. Pull firmly on internal filter to remove. Discard if the cartridge has come to the end of its lifespan, or wash in a 50/50 vinegar and water solution if not.
  4. Clean the cap and sump of filter housing (inside of sump) with hot, soapy water and a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners or wire brushes, as they may damage the system. Thoroughly rinse all soap from the housing before reassembly.
  5. Check the O-ring to ensure it is positioned properly in its groove. Remember to lubricate O-rings with cooking oil.
  6. Screw top of filter housing (sump) onto base, turning it clockwise. Tighten with sump wrench until very snug. Do not cross-thread.
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 7 for each vertical filter.
  8. Flush system.

Replacement of Top Horizontal Post Filter 4

  1. Use smaller spanner to unscrew cap.
  2. Pull firmly on internal filter and discard.
  3. Push in new filter (remove transportation cap/packaging).
  4. Screw back on cap and tighten with spanner.

IMPORTANT: Before first use, run water through filter 10 minutes to prepare unit for use. Be sure to allow a minimum space of 50mm under the filter for removing the housing, to change the cartridge.

If you require further assistance, please send us an email or call us on 01764 662 111.


The Energy Plus water filtration system uses a number of different components to filter, clean and energize your water. These components include:

  1. An ultra filtration membrane cartridge
  2. A proprietary matrix comprising at least two types of activated carbon combined with proprietary Zeolite minerals
  3. A bed of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)
  4. A bed of special bioceramic media balls which alkalize and ionize the water and increase the pH
  5. A special blend of far infrared mineral balls
  6. A special grade of activated carbon


How to Install the Energy Plus Undersink Water Filter

Step 1: Choose location.

Position your filter in the cabinet nearest the cold water line, which is normally on the right side of your faucet beneath the sink. Turn water off.

CAUTION: Water filter must be installed on cold water line only.

Step 2: Choose a faucet location.

The faucet may be installed into the hole normally used for your sink sprayer. If you have a sink sprayer installed and plan to use it, or you do not have an existing hole, you will have to drill a hole for the faucet.

If you are drilling a new hole, try to place it as near to the sink as possible – either on the metal lip if there is 40mm of clearance, or on the sideboard next to your sink if there is not.

The faucet will fit through a 12mm hole or larger. For drilling through a metal sink, first make a small indentation with a punch where you want to install the faucet. (CAUTION: WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN DRILLING.)

Step 3: Insert faucet.

Remove the hardware from the faucet stem for later use, then slide the large chrome-plated washer onto the stem, followed by the large rubber washer. Place the faucet stem through the hole in the rubber washer. Slide the large metal washer and nut onto the faucet stem. Tighten the nut to secure the faucet in place.

Step 4: Install water supply connector/self-tapping valve.

Note: Always check the local plumbing codes before tapping into a water line.

WARNING: WATER SUPPLY PRESSURE MUST NOT EXCEED 100 PSI. Failure to set correct pressure could result in leakage/bursting of unit.

A. Assemble saddle-tapping valve on tube. Hold back plate and saddle valve against tubing in a position directly each other. Tighten screw enough so that the saddle valve and back plate are held securely against tubing.

B. Connect source water feed tubing to valve body using compression fitting. Slide nut and sleeve onto tubing (in that order). Install plastic tubing insert into white tubing. Install tube with insert and sleeve into valve body. Thread compression nut onto valve body. Tighten. Turn saddle-tapping valve handle clockwise until it is firmly seated and piercing lance is fully extended.

C. Attach tubing between the outlet connection of the filter and the faucet tap. Unscrew compression nut from outlet fitting. Remove red cap. Slide compression nut of outlet fitting over tubing and push tubing through until tube stop. Tighten compression nut onto connection fitting.

CAUTION: Do not open valve until system is activated. Turn on cold water supply.

Check saddle-tapping valve installation for leaks.

Step 5: Connect tubing.

Connect tubing from cold water line (water supply line) to the inlet of the water filter. Allow enough slack in the tubing so the unit can be easily removed for filter cartridge. Measure and cut the end of tubing square.

1. Unscrew compression nut counter-clockwise from connection fitting.

2. Screw male threads of quick connect fitting into the inlet threads of water filter.

3. Slide compression nut onto the end of tubing. Push tubing through to the tube stop inside quick connect fitting.

4. Screw compression nut onto quick connect fitting. Tighten securely. Do not cross thread. The system is now connected.

Step 6: Test the system.

Open the new tap and turn on the mains feed slowly. Check that there are no leaks in the connecting pipework, or at the filter cartridge connections.

If any leaks are present, immediately turn off the mains feed and double check all connections.

If you require further assistance with the fitting of your Energy Plus Water Filter, please email or call us on 01764 662 111.

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Product Rating 16-Sep-2019
Not just clean, filtered water with natural bioceramic minerals but also hydrogen-rich, that's what makes the difference! Totally worth it!

Reverse Osmosis instead cleanses water unnecessary too much and I haven't found any that can even release hydrogen (one would have to buy a separate...
Our Response
What a wonderful review of our Energy Plus Water Filter! Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a detailed review - we appreciate it very much.
Product Rating 11-Jun-2019
Such peace of mind to know we are drinking healthier water and I don't have to buy really heavy bottled water anymore!
Product Rating 07-Jun-2019
It’s perfect. So easy to instal and the water is so smooth and no more messing about with jugs now🙏🏼
Product Rating 10-Dec-2018
100% efficient, highly recommend.
Our Response
Thank you for taking the time to review our Energy Plus Water Filter. We are pleased that you are happy with it!
Product Rating 25-Sep-2018
Very happy with the filter, the water tastes great. The installation was straight forward for u. As long as you have a drill to make the hole, everything else is simple. We were guided over the phone too when unsure of one step. Thanks!
Our Response
Thank you for your review of our Energy Plus Water Filter. We are delighted that you are very happy with it!
Product Rating 11-Aug-2018
Easy hookup and even sent a personal note on install method. Would definitely order from this company again.
Thanks again
Paul Rademacher
Product Rating 28-Mar-2018
I think it is a great product but the plumber who installed said he does not like the fitting they use for the water inlet as they can leak. Also the instructions were slightly wrong
Our Response
Thank you for reviewing our Energy Plus Water Filter, we are glad you are pleased with it! Thank you for your comments, we will look into them and rectify the problems if possible.
Product Rating 28-Dec-2017
Everyone likes it. More tea being drunk now. Have to remember to change filters.
Our Response
We are happy that you are pleased with the Energy Plus Water Filter. We contact our customers when it is around the time they should change the filters, just as a reminder.
Product Rating 21-Aug-2017
The difference in the water we were drinking was immediately noticeable. No chlorine smell and a very pleasant taste of nothing ! We are drinking far more water as a result, without having to add squash.
We did notice that for a few days we both developed a headache which disappeared just as...
Our Response
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a review of our Energy Plus Water Filter. We are very pleased that you are happy with your purchase.
Product Rating 28-Jun-2017
The filters fit neatly under the sink and my plumber had no problems fitting them , and the additional tap
Our Response
We are happy that you are pleased with the Energy Plus. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.


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