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Dechlorinating Shower Head Filters

The Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head removes harmful chlorine from your shower water, in addition to energising the water. Chlorine is added to the water supply to kill pathogens, but ingesting chlorine is not good for us in any shape or form. In fact, inhaling or absorbing chlorine is thought to lead to all sorts of problems. This dechlorinating shower head is stylish, robust and functional.

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The Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head removes harmful chlorine from your shower water, in addition to energising the water.

Chlorine is added to the public water supply to kill noxious pathogens, but ingesting chlorine  – whether through our drinking water or via our skin and breathing while showering – is not good for us. Inhaling or absorbing chlorine is thought to lead to:

  • Skin problems
  • Lung problems
  • Itchy rashes
  • Allergies

Protect Your Hair and Skin From Damage

Dechlorinating the water in which you shower is not solely a health precaution; it also makes showering a more enjoyable experience, eliminating the odour of chlorine while protecting your skin and hair from damage. Remember, chlorine chemically bonds to hair and skin and can be incredibly difficult to wash out. This is why If you stay in the pool (or shower) for too long, you're liable to suffer from dry, chalky skin, brittle hair or even an unpleasant rash. Chlorine can also irritate the eyes.

Robust and easy to fit, the Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head uses a range of natural bioceramic balls to effectively filter chlorine from the water flow. Its stylish double-plated surface with gold and chrome also prevents bacterial growth, and it can be fitted to any hand-held shower.

The end result is improved water purity and an enhanced showering experience. As an added bonus, the device even helps you save around 25% of water!

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Biocera Atozero Replacement Filter
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Further Information

The new Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head not only removes chlorine from the shower water, but also energises the water using the natural power of far infrared minerals. The shower head contains 3 types of ceramic ball minerals to remove the chlorine, energise the water and kill bacteria.

  • Dechlorinating ceramic balls
  • Tourmaline far infrared ceramic balls
  • Antibacterial balls

The Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head is a stylish, functional unit that is easy to fit in place of your existing shower head. The dechlorinating filter cartridge requires replacement every 4 to 6 months. The second filter cartridge does not require a replacement.

Showering with dechlorinated water is particularly helpful for those suffering with skin problems; it is also of benefit to those wishing to maintain or improve the quality of hair. Many skin problems are exacerbated by an allergic reaction to chlorine.

Ordering Your Dechlorinating Shower Head Couldn't Be Easier

This Dechlorinating Shower Head is manufactured by Biocera; the leading company in the application of natural bioceramics in water treatment. They have achieved NSF international safety standard for their ceramic ball technology.

Chlorine is being increasingly implicated in a number of health conditions, including asthma, allergies and even skin cancers. Anyone looking to limit their exposure to this harmful chemical would be well advised to look into a dechlorinating shower head that uses natural, bioceramic minerals. Order yours today by clicking the link below, or calling us on 01764 662111.


Using Biocera's Dechlorinating Shower Head couldn't be simpler. Just unscrew your existing shower head and replace it with your shiny new dechlorinating one. Every time you shower, the natural bioceramic minerals will remove chlorine from your water and help nourish your skin and hair.


Biocera's Dechlorinating Shower Head contains three types of powerful mineral balls. These are:

  • Dechlorinating ceramic balls
  • Tourmaline far infrared ceramic balls
  • Antibacterial balls


The Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head can be fitted to any hand-held shower. Simply unscrew your old shower head and screw in this high-quality product in its place.

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Feefo Reviews

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Product Rating 02-Oct-2019
Just gives me peace of mind that I'm not absorbing chlorine when having a relaxing shower.
Product Rating 27-Sep-2019
The products work as advertised
Product Rating 14-Aug-2019
Not used yeti but ready for when replacement is needed
Product Rating 14-Aug-2019
The water feels so soft and safe with chlorine filtered out
Our Response
We are delighted that you are happy with our Biocera Atozero Showerhead and thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us.
Product Rating 03-Jun-2019
great shower and filter, keeps my family happy and safe from chlorine
Product Rating 03-Jun-2019
great filter for great shower
Product Rating 09-May-2019
Have bought bottled water for some time iiiit is not easy when one does not drive.
Treating the water has been a practical dream getting a filter has always been prohibatve or so I thought, so bit the bullet and phoned up was delighted to find the basic unitt was within my price range!!!!.
Product Rating 06-May-2019
Great shower head for when you have too much water pressure for the laser cut stone based versions
Product Rating 19-Mar-2019
I was a little apprehensive, about the shower head, but Wow ! I love it, just wish I'd bought it sooner. From the first minute I used it, I could feel the difference. No chlorine ! no itchy dry skin, my hair is so soft it's just great.
Our Response
Thank you for your review of our Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead. We are delighted that you are pleased with our product!
Product Rating 19-Mar-2019
Only just bought the shower head, so have not used the replacement filter, but I can't see it being any different to the one on the shower head, which is great.
Product Rating 18-Mar-2019
Worked well fitted easily no hassle
Product Rating 06-Feb-2019
What a treat this is. I never realised quite how bad my old shower head was and the difference with having a new one is really fantastic. It looks and feels good and delivers a wonderful shower stream. It is good to know that I also have a filter that I can change when needed.
Product Rating 22-Jan-2019
Brilliant shower head; no more chlorine smell and a lovely flow. It looks pretty too.
Our Response
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of our Atozero Happy Shower Head. We are very happy that you are pleased with our product.
Product Rating 13-Dec-2018
Does what it's supposed to do.would like to know when it stops working 100%
Product Rating 09-Oct-2018
Makes my hair soft, easier to brush, which is excellent because you don't need to use much of the hair conditioner especially for someone with long hair but it gives static electricity for some reason. Good for the skin as soap leathers more. It makes tap water a lot softer, friendlier for the skin and...
Product Rating 17-Aug-2018
Wonderful should have changed too it years ago
Product Rating 10-Aug-2018
Brilliant and I am extremely happy with it.
Product Rating 03-Aug-2018
Like the look and what it does but it would be great if the shower head was adjustable in terms of how the water comes out and also the angle it takes. Unfortunately it goes way beyond our shower screen and we have to put an extra mat on the floor.
Product Rating 31-Jul-2018
I notice now that there is no chlorine smell when I am showering. And I feel very refreshed with smooth and clean skin and hair.
Our Response
We are delighted that you are happy with our Biocera Dechlorinating Shower Head and thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.
Product Rating 31-Jul-2018
Disappointing shower head, large head with large holes, have now gone back to using the old head.... with a much finer spray,
Not a happy shower head at all....
Our Response
We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the new design shower head. We want our customers to be happy with any product they buy from us. If, however, you purchase a product that does not meet your expectations, we will refund your purchase cost at any time within 3 months if you are unhappy with it. Just send the product back to us and we will refund you.
Product Rating 23-Apr-2018
If I shower without the shower filter, the skin on my face gets dry and flaky. I won't shower without my filter - I love it!
Our Response
We are delighted that you are pleased with our Biocera Shower Head. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.
Product Rating 09-Apr-2018
I have been using this filter for over a year now because I didn't like the smell of the shower water before when it was unfiltered and I am very pleased with this product and even took the shower head on holiday last year to use!
Product Rating 06-Apr-2018
Good water pressure increase over the shower head it replaced. Water feels softened and decreases the time it takes to remove shower product and the generated suds from the body reducing time spent in the shower and feeling cleaner.
Product Rating 04-Apr-2018
The filter appears to do what it says on the cardboard box it was delivered in.
Product Rating 09-Mar-2018
Leaves the water feeling softer on my skin, I fill my children’s bath with the shower head also.
Product Rating 08-Mar-2018
They were prompt with there deliveries
Product Rating 25-Jan-2018
Love the shower head filter as it removes much of the harmful elements in our water. The water pressure is still great and you want to stay in the shower longer as you know the water is more healthy!
Our Response
We were very happy to read your great review of our Biocera Atozero Showerhead - we are delighted that you are pleased with it!
Product Rating 27-Dec-2017
Very happy, simple to use and last well.
Product Rating 24-Nov-2017
The shower head also increased the water pressure.
Product Rating 24-Oct-2017
very good product this shower head and i will recommend to my friends and relatives to buy this too thank you.
Our Response
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of our Atozero Happy Shower Head, and for recommending it to your friends and relatives, we appreciate it.
Product Rating 05-Oct-2017
Very good service and seems like a good product. Easy to fit and to change cartridge.
Product Rating 18-Sep-2017
Very happy with the product
Product Rating 09-Sep-2017
Exchanged from Britta Filter because of acidity, found this much more agreeable for my health concerns.
Product Rating 04-Sep-2017
Makes such a difference - the water is so much softer (I live in a hard water area), doesn't leave skin feeling tight or itchy, perfect for my highly reactive and sensitive skin and scalp - highly recommend
Our Response
Thank you for your review of our Atozero Happy Showerhead. We are glad that it has helped with your skin. We appreciated you taking the time to leave a review.
Product Rating 31-Jul-2017
It works well & does the job stated.
Product Rating 12-Jul-2017
Filtering shower water is the next best thing to filtered drinking water! Great product.
Our Response
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are happy that you are pleased with the Biocera Atozero Shower Head.


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